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         ProSoft Company Limited, for over 29th years, ProSoft business unit of Pro-Line Group has helped manufacturers and distributors in Thailand streamline operations and deliver measurable returns on their investments in information technology. The core product, Infor ERP from Infor Global Solutions is flexible ERP platform that easily integrates with other applications to deliver e-commerce, business intelligence, CRM and supply chain solutions that promoted enterprise profitably.

Company Profile

Founded : 1988

Company Philosophy : The company is dedicated to excellence in product quality, service and training. It maintains a high standard in these areas at all times for the benefit of our customers, including a determined and consistent investment in hardware and software development and customer support.

Products :

  • Infor ERP Software
  • Infor Supply Chain Execution (Infor SCE)
  • Infor CloudSuite
  • Infor Advance Planning & Scheduling (AP & AS)
  • Infor EAM
  • Infor d/EPM
  • Infor ION
  • Infor BI
  • LANSA : Development Tools
  • Human Resource Management

Customers : Thailand Tobacco Monopoly, DHA Siamwalla, Thanakorn, Betagro Group, Gates Unita, Honda Trading, Jack Chia, Pharmacare, Malachi, Thai Central Chemical, Thai Optical Group, Toll Logistics, A-Ton, P.S. Foodproduct, Asian Pacific Can, Beijer B.Grimm, EPE Packaging, Kolang, Nissan Trading, Rockworth, Thai Transmission, Thailand Carpet, Chaiyaboon Group, Thai Suzuki Motors, TOA Group, Seiko Precision, FASCO Motor, Mitsubishi Turbocharger, Surapon Nichirei, Bangkok Athletic, CASA Di Moda, Thai Agri Foods, Thai Theparos Foods, Thai Preserved Food, Mitsubishi Elevator Asia, Mitsubishi Electric Consumer Products, Thai Urethane, Eternal Resin, Siam Steel International, Black Canyon, Daicel Safety, Formica, Monexco, Siam PVS, Stars Technologies, Tomy, Tri Petch Isuzu Sales, Great Food (Dehydration), etc.

Our Services

Training & Education


System Consultation

ProSoft Services and On-going Support (SOS)

Post-Installation Support

Application Development / Modifications

Business Requirements and Feasibility Studies

Company profile Pro-Line Holding Co., Ltd.

Founded : 21 June 1988

Company Philosophy : The company is designed to be your "one-stop shop" for all your core information technology needs. Whether you're building a new IT infrastructure, upgrading or just adding on to your existing systems, Pro-Line has all the hardware and software you need, plus a full range of educational programs to get you up to speed, and keep you there.

Customers : Thailand’s premier technology provider in

  • Manufacturing
  • Education & many more

Pro-Line’s Solution focus :
  • Hardware, Software & Services
  • Manufacturing, Distribution & Accounting
  • Network & Securities

Services : Pro-Line's hardware and software offerings are complemented by a complete range of services designed to get you off to the right start and make sure your IT investment quickly and easily begins giving you returns. Services such as installation and setup of software and hardware, network cabling, and configuration are complemented by a complete range of educational services for advanced systems such as the IBM Power System.

Our Solutions Focus : Business Partner on IBM Hardware

Enterprise System Integration

  • Hardware and Software Solutions provider
  • Implementation and Consultancy services
  • e-Business Solutions

Software Development

  • In-house software development

Advance Technology

  • Wireless Communication solutions
  • Food and Beverage Franchising

Some of Our IT Solutions

  • Enterprise Resource Planning: SAP, BPCS
  • Business Intelligence: Lotus Applications, etc.
  • Web Applications
  • Development Tools : LANSA
  • Educational Training Systems
  • Wireless / Mobile Applications and Tools
  • Hardware (all platforms) and Peripherals
  • etc.

Support Engineering
and Maintenance

Support Engineering

The successful installation, implementation and continued use of any system depend upon the support provided by the vendor especially an integrated application solution system. We believe that customer support includes, but is not limited to, the initial conversion period. We believe that each relationship with a customer is a smart partnership and should extend beyond the normal maintenance agreement that describes a customer/Vendor relationship.

Comprehensive support services must include a long-term commitment to the continued successful use of our system. The successes received by our customers in leveraging of not only the on-going research & development of the system but also the support provided by us, is reflected in the continuity of our support services to our Customers every year.

In the event that a customer contracts for our Support Services, the 7 x 24 hours on-site Service Team will be first level functional and technical support for troubleshooting and corrective maintenance. All Application Software related issues, minor operating system, networking, database problems will be handled by our First Level Service Team. Depending on the severity of a problem, we will determine if on-site support is necessary. All problems that are unable to be attended to by our Service Team will be escalated to the respective vendors service desk facility. Depending on the nature of the problem, a local engineer will be dispatched by the vendors.

Pro-Line Support Services
Pro-Line Support Services provides personalized, comprehensive hardware, software and network support. With this support, you can rely on our support team focused on your technical support needs. The relationship developed between you and our support team will help you increase your system availability and the productivity of your business. Therefore, you will spend more time managing your business rather than managing the systems itself.

The Benefits of This Support

  • Increase system availability through proactive maintenance and services.
  • Integrate new software releases smoothly.
  • Resolve problems faster.
  • Increase productivity through personalized assistance.

Available Service Features
  • Phone-in Systems assistance: Phone-in assistance is available for System Software and Application Software inquiries. Response is immediate for critical calls and within 1 hour for all call. Assistance is available on Normal Office Hours.
  • Preventive Systems maintenance: We shall perform the following to maintain the Systems in good working order on quarterly basic at mutually agreed date.
    • Install mandatory software patches.
    • Perform fine-tuning of databases and operating systems.
    • Perform fine-tuning of application software.
    • Inform and provide the relevant updates and enhancements to the Customer of any know faults in the system discovered in an installation of a similar system with other Customers.
    • Make the necessary changes to support the new versions of operating system and database.
  • Corrective Systems maintenance: Upon request, we shall take action to diagnose and rectify the Systems to good working order. Such action may include providing temporary procedures to be followed by the Customer pending restoration of the Systems to good working order.


First Level Support
Pro-Line Support provides 24 hours a day 7 days a week support services as follows:

  • Provides Maintenance Releases of the Application Software whenever necessary.
  • Provides phone-in assistance during Normal Office Hours.
  • Diagnoses and rectifies the Application Software to good working order upon request.
  • Provides technical assistance to complement to customer development team.
  • Provides on-going technical advancement via our Research & Development.
  • Acts as advisor and consultant to customer in the events of customer losing his key personnel and threatens to unable to carry on the normal operation of the Application Software.
  • Provides modification and/or enhancement to the Application Software to meet and comply with any new regulatory and/or statutory requirements including but not limited to such directives that may be issued by the Central Bank from time to time.

Second Level Support
Pro-Line Support provides 24 hours a day 7 days a week support services as follows:
  • Telephone assistance with mission-critical escalation.
  • Remote system monitoring & problem escalation, on-site support when required.
  • Software upgrades included at no additional cost.
  • Software release planning & change management assistance.
  • Half yearly preventive maintenance with on-site application review and performance tuning.

Number of trained hardware, software technical staff
Pro-Line staff comprise mostly of software and technical staff. This group of staff makes up almost 80% of the whole staff strength. It comprises of:
  • Project Managers
  • Consultant
  • Systems Engineers
  • Systems Analysts
  • Analyst Programmers

Engineer Skills
Pro-Line Engineers are experienced and proficient in a variety of services in application solutions such as Hardware onsite support, preventive maintenance, OS support for Multi-vendor products including PCs, peripherals, LANs, operating systems and networks with multi-vendor interconnects and gateways.

Training and Education


We believe that technology transfer is crucial for any project. We also recognize the need for our customers to gain the most benefit from their investments. The purpose of the training proposal is to provide education and training. Pro-Line typically adopts a Train the Trainer approach. That is, we train the Project Personnel who will be responsible for conducting the training of end users prior to Live Run date and beyond. We encourage customer to fully participate in our well-planned courses. Details of these courses are given in below:


Effective and efficient data processing is based on the skills of your people. Each must have the knowledge and ability to do their jobs today while gaining skills to bring data processing for tomorrow. That takes education planning sequences of courses designed for each of the people and each of the jobs in your installation.

Through implementation of the education program, your people will gain practical skills that will yield a more profitable data processing installation for your organization.

Pro-Line Holding Co., Ltd.
offers a comprehensive sets of education for the IBM Power System. The Education is provided for a variety of audiences to help ensure effective installation planning, implementation, programming and efficient day-to-day operation.

IBM Power System
education is provided in multiple formats:
  • Tutorial System Support
  • Discover/Education
  • Classroom

Classroom courses continue the education process by training in many subject areas. The classroom courses are lab intensive and teach the following subjects:
  • System structure & Internal Structure
  • Database Concept & Management
  • System Administration

Classroom courses provide the opportunity for interaction between highly qualified PRO-LINE instructors and user personal. They also provide the advantage of unrestricted access to interactive equipment.

Course Descriptions
The course descriptions contain the course abstract, objectives, and other information such as the duration and prerequisites.

A level of experience is assumed for students taking each course. Therefore, it is very important that the students complete the prerequisites for each courses of have any equivalent experience level.

An Education Plan
We offer program of IBM Power System education from a broad range of course offerings. Use the audience/course matrix, roadmaps, and course description on the following pages to assess the education needs of your organization.

Pro-Line Education Center
Pro-Line Holding Co., Ltd. offers education services at Pro-Line Education Center regularly and the following IBM Power System education courses are recommended for your people :

  1. Executive Course
    • Introduction to IBM Power System Workstation Operation
    • Tutorial System Support

  2. Programming/Implemented Course
    • Introduction to IBM Power System Workstation Operation
    • IBM Power System Operator Workshop
    • IBM Power System Relational Database Design and Coding
    • Introduction to Control Language
    • IBM Power System Application Programming Workshop

  3. Workstation Operator
    • Introduction to IBM Power System Workstation Operator
    • Tutorial System Support

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